Global Payroll & Umbrella Solutions

We take the stress out of contracting wherever you are working, whilst our Perks help you to recover the costs along the way!

Whether you are working in the UK or abroad our umbrella payroll service is tailored to the needs of todays contractor. Simple, honest and cost effective with great perks!
We deal in simple, honest, advice. If you’re going to use a payroll provider, we believe that friendly professionalism comes first as it’s really important you understand what we do and how we do it because it’s your hard-earned cash that we are dealing with.
We won’t over promise or offer you solutions that leave you exposed to issues in the country you are working in or at home – no surprises and no sleepless nights in the future. We also make sure you know what you need to know when landing in the country and make it as easy as possible for you to get on with contracting.

International Contracts Management & Payroll

When working abroad the last thing you need to worry about is how you are getting paid and whether you are compliant. Our service takes those worries away and allows you to concentrate on getting the job done and enjoy the experience.

With our International Employment & Payroll service you have access to all of our umbrella services plus:

  • In country payroll managed by an in country qualified accountant.
  • Full in country compliance on all matters related to your employment and pay.
  • International Payslips including your tax and social security taken care of.
  • Aftercare for when you have left the country of work but still require assistance with tax and pay matters.

We have offices across Europe and have teamed up with a panel of experts in each country to make sure we can provide the very best and compliant service possible.

Contact us for a personalised quote based on your role and country of expected operation. We’ll quickly let you know the options and provide advice on entering that country. Even if you just have questions about working abroad, give our dedicated team a call to talk through the options.

Where do we work?

Countries of Operation

We can provide solution across most of Europe and the globe, including:

Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

We can also provide solutions in the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

UK Umbrella Service

Our standard umbrella service has everything you would expect to get from a top-tier provider:

  • Full employed status & all statutory rights
  • Electronic payslips
  • Online timesheet submission
  • All PAYE & National Insurance managed
  • Holiday pay
  • Employee helpline
  • Pay run Monday to Friday
  • Faster Payment Service
  • No joining or leaving fees
  • All invoices managed for you


Employee Perks with Perkbox

We’ve teamed up with Perkbox to bring our employees an exclusive perks package. As an employee of Gateway you automatically get access to this and £1000’s worth of savings and free employee perks:

  • Discounts on clothing, entertainment & meals
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Car breakdown cover
  • Discounted holidays
  • Free wellness programme
  • Discounted gym membership
  • 150 plus ways to make your money go further

Click on the Perkbox logo to see hundreds of available benefits!

Using Perkbox you could offset the cost of your umbrella service in savings from companies such as these:

Weekly UK Biller


  • per weekly timesheet.

Monthly UK Biller


  • per monthly timesheet.


Ask for Quote

  • Get in touch for a personal quotation

Get involved…

  • Simply fill out the quick registration form or, if you’d prefer, give our relationship team a call.
  • To complete your registration you’ll need to provide us with proof of ID, your address and a copy of your P45. We can then get in touch with your agency to request a copy of your contract.
  • You become our employee with a full employment contract and all associated rights.
  • We enter into a contract with the end client or agency to enable you to work for them.
  • You upload timesheets to Gateway through the website. We, in turn, invoice your agency.
  • We run payroll every working day and pay using the Faster Payments Service.