Construction Industry Services

Gateway has experience working with the construction industry on large projects across Europe. We pay on time, every time whether you choose our umbrella or self-employed services.
Whether you choose our Umbrella or self-employed service you can be confident that you are getting value for money and you are being looked after.

We deal in simple, honest, advice. If you’re going to use a payroll provider, we believe that friendly professionalism comes first as it’s really important you understand what we do and how we do it because it’s your hard-earned cash that we are dealing with.

Unlike other providers, we want to make sure you get real value for your money and the most from the work you do. To help us achieve this, we offer two levels of service across our umbrella and self-employed CIS products:

Stripped Back is our standard  service where you will receive everything you would expect from a top-tier  provider. We have refined Stripped Back to ensure you receive all the standard services without paying for the things you don’t need all the time, such as copy documents and reference letters. If you do need these, relax, we can still provide them for a small extra cost.

All The Perks is our premium service. You pay one fixed fee and get access to our complete CIS service. This service is designed to make your life easy by managing all your invoicing, self assessment and receipt collection requirements. You also get access to exclusive benefits. We have teamed up with Perkbox to provide our clients with the opportunity to save thousands of pounds in free offers and discounts.

With both of these services we take care of the CIS requirements and make sure you remain compliant at all times leaving you to get on with the job in hand.

Global Contractor is our service for individuals and companies working abroad. All employees get access to “All The Perks” plus a range of services tailored to the country of work. Importantly, all in country compliance matters are managed for you.

Stripped Back

Our standard service has everything you would expect to get from a top-tier provider:

  • All CIS requirements handled
  • Electronic payment confirmation
  • Online timesheet submission
  • Dedicated helpline
  • Pay run Monday to Friday
  • Faster Payment Service
  • No joining or leaving fees
  • All invoices managed for you

(Additional charges apply for certain services (e.g. copy documents)).

All The Perks

With our premium service you have no further charges to pay and receive a full managed service designed to make your life easier. You also get access to £1000’s worth of savings and free employee perks:

  • Discounts on clothing, entertainment & meals
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Car breakdown cover
  • Discounted holidays
  • Discounted cinema tickets
  • Free wellness programme
  • Discounted gym membership
  • 150 plus ways to make your money go further
  • Self Assessment (*cost varies depending on time of year you join us)
  • Receipt collection and storage service to make your tax return easier.


Global Contractor

With our Global Contractor Service you get acess to “All the Perks” plus:

  • All in country compliance for registration, social security and taxation.
  • International payslips for the specific country
  • Currency or Stirling payments
  • A1 Portable Document application and management
  • Health Insurance according to in country rules
  • Compliance and management of any applicable Collective Agreements
  • Access to advice and support from in country legal and accounting professionals
  • Help and advice with accomodation, travel and settlement within country



Stripped Back

£18Per weekly timesheet

  • Call us now to find out more

All The Perks

£24.50Per weekly timesheet

  • Call us now to find out more

Global Contractor

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Get involved…

  • Simply fill out the quick registration form or if you’d prefer, give our relationship team a call on 01584 70 50 60.
  • To complete your registration you’ll need to provide us with proof of ID, your address and a copy of your P45 (if using umbrella services). We can then get in touch with your agency to request a copy of your contract.
  • We enter into a contract with the end client or agency to enable you to work for them.
  • You upload timesheets to Gateway through the website. We, in turn, invoice your agency.
  • We run payroll every working day and pay using the Faster Payments Service.