It’s All About Us

Established in 2015 by a team with over 40 years experience paying and managing people across the globe, Gateway provides services to people in many countries working across multiple industries. We believe that getting paid for the job you do should be hassle free and easy, leaving our members to focus on their contract. We also know how difficult it can be to navigate through the minefield of foreign legislation and tax requirements when working abroad. Our services are aimed to take the stress out of this and make working abroad as enjoyable as possible.

Our people at Gateway come from many industries – Payroll to PR, finance to facilities and military to marketing and have worked as freelancers and contractors themselves. This blend of experience (over 40 years of paying people) comes together to deliver a menu of services capable of supporting contractors across many sectors and roles, across the globe.

Our team is based at King’s Cross, London and in South Shropshire with a UK wide, European and International presence. Everyone who works at Gateway understands our mission, philosophy and values, and is dedicated to delivering mutual success for every Gateway member. We also have a network of partners and affiliates across the globe that enable us to do business in just about any jurisdiction.

We have extensive experience operating payroll services in some very challenging environments across the world. Our experience and capability means we are always willing to explore opportunities, no matter how obscure or out of the way they might be. We have a network of legal and accounting professional across many jurisdictions whom we work with to make sure everything we offer is absolutely as it should be.

Gateway is a NEN4400 audited and accredited company in the Netherlands.

To ensure we stay in touch with global legislation, compliance and practice, Gateway is a member of the Global Payroll Association.

We can provide solutions for the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Croatia. Through our global partners we can also provide solutions for North America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Our Head office is based in the beautiful South Shropshire town of Ludlow.

344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8BP

We also have operational offices based in Shropshire.


Our German office is based on the outskirts of Munich near the airport.

Terminalstrasse Mitte 18, Munich, Bayern, 85356

email [email protected] for more details

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Our Netherlands office is based in Oosterhout.

Zandheuvel 52-B, 4901 HW Oosterhout NB

Call +31 85 064 4321 or email [email protected]


Based in the heart of Goteberg, our Swedish office represents our base for the Nordics.

RSM Goteborg KB, Bohusgatan 15, 411 39 Goteborg

Call +46 77 022 29 36 or email [email protected]


What we do

Contracting can be very rewarding, and we think your payroll should reflect that. Gateway deal with your expenses, manage your holiday pay and ensure you are paid correctly – first time every time.

We run payroll every working day so that you don’t have to wait. We also pay using the Faster Payment Service which means you get your money as quick as possibly possible.

Our team of expert client handlers are passionate about delivering you the very best experience, we make sure you know everything you need to know to get the most from Gateway, Perkbox and contracting.

Our approach to compliance is built into our DNA. From contracts to processes, we make sure everything meets the most stringent tests available. It is our job to make sure contracting through an umbrella is hassle-free and compliant at all times.

What our customers think

We pride ourselves on being open and honest; and sharing the feedback we receive:

Payroll Service - 98% 98%
Service Delivery - 95% 95%
Legal Compliance - 100% 100%
Contract Management - 97% 97%